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Oceania Tech is a reseller of responsible thoughtful technologies and consulting services in Oceania and the Pacific Region. We help commercial, industrial, nonprofit, institutional, and utility companies implement a broad range of clean water, green technology and energy solutions, including self-funding energy efficiency, renewable energy, decreasing power generation and energy supply costs, and reclaiming investments in energy efficiency.

We specialize in the comprehensive implementation of community utility and energy-efficiency programs, and we offer a range of commercial and residential sustainable products and services in the Pacific Region. The company is operating in Oceania, also known as the Pacific Island States, and we coordinate our sales and service activities from Majuro, Marshall Islands, as well as our logistics branch in Portland, Oregon, USA.



The patented Puralytics® process employs LEDs to excite our proprietary nanotechnology mesh which drives light-activated treatment processes including an advanced oxidation process. The Shield achieves advanced disinfection, detoxification, and contaminant degradation; it can be used in industrial treatment, manufacturing, or waste treatment.


The SolarBag is a sunlight-activated reusable water purifier that destroys or reduces the broadest range of contaminants without pumping, electricity, chemicals or replaceable components. Simply place the SolarBag in the sun for a few hours, and enjoy purified water. Through solar-activated nanotechnology, the SolarBag offers the broadest contaminant treatment of any portable water purifier.

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